To be a MR25 member, one has to complete a 5km time trial (4.6km for ladies) below 25 minutes, on a Cross-Country course.

Time trials are held 6 times in a year, in every even month.

Based on the time trial, members are categorized into a hierarchy of 9 animal types.

Cheetah (<17’00″)
Gazelle (17’00″ – 17’59″)
Ostrich (18’00″ – 18’59″)
Hare (19’00″ – 19’59″)
Horse (20’00″ – 20’59″)
GreyHound (21’00″ – 21’59″)
Deer (22’00″ – 22’59″)
Tortise (23’00″ – 23’59″)
Snail (24’00″ – 24’59″)

For existing members:

Membership fees are due on January every year.
If members have not yet paid up, they can make payment on-line HERE

Alternatively a payment can be made after Sunday morning runs through any of the management committee or at any of our time trials or races.

For new membership application:

Please fill-in the online Membership Application Form
Kindly ensure that you have clocked below 25mins at any of our 5km Time Trials. See “results / time trials” section in the top menu of this page.

You can make the registration fee payment by either:
– PayPal on-line payment (all major cards accepted as well) HERE
– making a direct cash payment to any of the Committee members during one of our events (see above) or
– sending your cheque addressed to “MacRitchie Runners 25” with your Name, Contact# & NRIC#/Passport# to PO Box 125 Farrer Road, Singapore 912805

Membership Fee:

Adult Membership
New Member: S$40 (S$20 entrance fee + S$20 annual subscription)
Existing Member: S$20

Student Membership (under 18)
New Member: S$10 (S$5 entrance fee + S$5 annual subscription)
Existing Member: S$5

Life Membership:
After 5 years of continuous membership, members may become Life Member according to the following rate:
5 years – $200
6 years – $180
7 years – $160
8 years – $140
9 years – $120
10 years – $100

Note :
You have 3 months to apply for membership from the date of the time trial after you achieve your qualifying time.

Under SAA rules a member of a running club resigning from his/her club will not be allowed to represent another running club for a period of one year

If you joined the club after October then membership fees paid is for the following year.